Friday, December 17, 2010

What goes pop in the night ?

Hello all...firstly I bet you all been missing me .After all I am CoolhunterG reporter of  the undiscovered fabulously cool and artfully happening trends.I mean a girl's gotta stay informed er' right?Right !........(and here's the part where you all are going oh CoolhunterG get on with it already.)So it appears pop - up shops are all the rage abroad ,particularly in trendy London town.Somehow it is filtering into fashion scene of you guessed it ,sunny South Africa no less.Is it any wonder then that a certain Ms. A , fashion brain behind Sense fashion label for ladies........and now kids has decided to stick her fingers in this fashion jelly jar? Ms. A reckons she is still expanding her brand  and the pop- up shop trend was the perfect avenue to venture into at this point.I'd met up with the fashionista at her shop one evening in the week of last to get the scoop ofcourse.I found her there smack bang in the middle of setting up.To my delite I merrily got to observe the ladies shifting and shoving around equipment arranging and rearranging.In the midst of all the merchandising madness Ms.A  appeared quite the busy elf herself .And while I quietly waited around I caught a glimpse of her flapping a piece of raffia around a jar of sweet chilly chocolate jam.How delitefully rustic I thought when  I then  decide to shuffle through her range of chic country style kiddies clothes.Subtly she is bringing back the ginghams of yesteryear giving it new form through her younger boys line of shirts.Her pretty teeny polka dot dresses stirs up a little nostalgia in me and makes me think of the time I had my heart set on becoming a ballerina.(A gal can dream you know........)Thrown into the mix is a range of toys and other goodies to make any young mommy's heart sing with delite.Finally she pulls me away chattering on all the while about the opening of her store and the 101 cupcakes she still has to go home and bake.We never get round to talking about her range in depth but there wasn't any real need to as it all pretty much spoke for itself.However she does make it clear that her aim is to bring back the fun playfulness  in kids clothes which I conclude she is very successfully on her way of doing.Till next time all you fashionistas get fabulous butts down to the Howard centre in Pinelands to check out this new shop.........Ps. you can also catch the latest updates on ASenseofstyle's  facebook page...cheerio CoolhunterG.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tweak that wig sista -girl!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun fact about me the one and only ,the coolhunter G...............I style wigs ,oh yes I do.If I could do anything for 100 days no rest,no sleep no food would dressing and styling mannequins.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Nifty neck pieces

Hi ladies here are some the jewellery pieces ,some more styles will follow in upcoming blog posts ok.If you want to enquire about prices etc.just drop me request in the comments atom.The pieces have quite a romantic feel about it and is meant to add that touch of individuality to your chosen outfit.Order today ..........cheerio coolhunter G

Street style 2:Out on de streets

It took quite a while to finally  get this picture with this particular lady.Personal shopper/fashion designer of  label Sense, agreed to a picture this morning after coffee and a chat.I thought this look was quite shabby chic.  Very easy styled and relaxed.(Ps.Keep a look out for more street style........coming soon!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Re -create

Hi there all !I promised myself not too long ago that I'd set out to the emerging gloss town that is the ever developing Albert rd.Woodstock.And so I decided it should be no later than this superbly sunny Saturday morning.I started my walk at the Mill and floated my way little further down.I could not contain my curiosity when I just happened to see that Recreate has just opened their doors. I made a point of checking them out and was completely awe struck.The lovely Katie was doing subtle introductions  amidst her works of art which cries sheer brilliance!A true pioneer in recycling .What an awakening in the old made new.Imagine an old suitcase becomes an uber sexy couch.Well imagine no more, Katie seems  a master at recreating a piece of what we would call junk.Her suitcase chairs and couches are just immaculate re-inventions and sensibly restored meeting a high standard of quality so sought after when making that ultimate decor item purchase.Beautifying your interior space can only get better from here onward,honestly!An ever nosy posy fashionista like moi is never satisfied and so to see a little more of  Albert rd., reigned high on my priority list.Furthermore I trotted always in the hope of discovering the newly fantastical.And ladies so I did ,Bromwell boutique cafe'meets art gallery is a treat in between ,pleasing to the eyes and the senses.I had squizz about the all that's opulently plush art gallery and then humbly retired to a an ice cool drink at their cocktail bar in the company of a very hunky experimental barman.I'd forgotten his name ,damn it!(Trust a fashionista to be composed after a cocktail served by a yummy bar man who also just happens to know  how to use his ingredients.)In keeping with telling ya'll all about the very nessecity of exploring Albert not glide past Whatiftheworld art gallery for a certain Peter Eastman's collection of works...............Lastly do schedule Albert rd .into your diaries loves' and in conclusion 'Who needs Paris?(Though ofcourse very little compares)If you need a bit more info drop me a comment or just enquire.Cheerio ...........Coolhunter G

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Street Style 1:Out on de streets

This photo I took a while back let's say in the midst of winter.This girl's kitchy style immedately grabbed my attention.I thought now here is someone who doesn't take fashion too seriously and just has a little fun with it.I love her pink heart shades but really just more her bravado to sport such a quirky look.Oh also like that she is wearing a brooch(very granny).Cheerio............coolhunter G

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fwd: Pop in pink

Hi there foxy fashionistas,I have very exiting news to share .I will be launching a brand new  fun  jewellery line very soon.So if any of you darlings are into bold ,unique and fun jewellery do keep a look out for it.The neckpiece in the picture is a little glimpse into what's instore.The range will be exclusive to so if your already a member/follower then I will send you updates as to what is available for purchase........cheerio Coolhunter G

Trend alert:Go grunge.........edge up your wardrobes chics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Busy day at the studio doing some styling for Sense.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweetly Summer:trends for summer

Hi there ladies here are a few styles that really stand out for me as far as ladies trends for summer are concerned.Although these trends look like they might only be for the younger babes its not so.Look carefully and you will see it really is your basics reinvented like for eg.your classic denims with an on trend floral or stripy top.Funk up your jeans by rolling up the bottoms to create an edgy yet relaxed grungy look like in the picture.I especially love the nautical inspired shorts something very old Hollywood about it, circa Audrey Hepburn.In my opinion florals can make one look overly feminine much like a walking flower bush ,so edge up your look a bit.For eg.add a military inspired shirt to a floral skirt or dress etc.etc.Agh whatever you do look delitefully delicious this Spring /Summer fashionistas and smile coz' Mr .Right might just be out on  the ya never know!!!!!!!!!cheerio ,coolhunter G

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I adore cupcakes!!!!!Love devouring e'm more.......

Friday, August 27, 2010

St.George's revisited.

Hello all !Now you I know you were just about to all but give up on me and my posts.Please don't I am here alive and well and coolhunting still.My feet found itself strolling along the St,George's mall walk just the other day.As I made my way up there I could not help but get distracted by the array of colourful craft stalls and crafters alike. I then ended up digging through the bohemian treasure trove for tourists as well as curious locals,Green market square ,(just before one gets to Long street.)The varience of craft products is enough to keep any beauty roving eye stimulated and even the odd and the unusual makes an appearance here and there.Really any boho's little mecca.Thirsty from my roundabout on the market, a cup of coffee certainly had my name on it.First I thought well perhaps the cozy Cafe' Mozart but then my then I had an aha moment!(got this from Oprah,every other day this woman has an aha moment.)Why not try a new spot !I did and found one a little further down from there.A semi-new concept store, coffee shop meets art gallery.Greeted with a very blank hello you can just imagine how disappointed I was.The last thing one expects is unpleasant service since the place has the potential to be so much more.Decorated in all it's glory with afro-chic but dull in atmostphere.Although it's not in my make-up to be insulting, this place need to get struck by bolt of life.No wonder the name never stuck.Moving along, the rest of the walk certainly made up for the bitter taste left in my mouth as I drifted into a favorite art gallery of mine along the way.Superb.A new exhibition of photographs of artists with their work, captured in a magical moment.Looking closely one sees how the artist's style comes through or rather shows up in his/her work.Here I deliberately forgot the artist name because I want you to go and experience the exhibition for yourselves. Then I also thoroughly enjoyed rummaging through the gems at the Antique stalls as my little journey drew itself to a close.Mighty Long street towered over me with an invitation to explore some more but I retired humbly as to avoid the torture that is window shopping alone.Next time I might write about how I shopped till I dropped down the temptuous Long Street .Grand and grandiose with a sure promise to entertain .It reaches it's climax with you when you happen to have buckets full of 'moola' with which to spoil yourself rotten and into an oblivian of bankruptcy.(only bound to happen to fashionistas with obsessive compulsive shopping disorders)All the dramatics aside, it really is home to some funky street gear outlets , chilled out hang-out spots and freaky fly night clubs.Oh I how I wanna be billionaire some day.Anyways I can carry on like this the whole time but ofcourse there's always something new to discover and explore.Sooooh until my next blogpost hope you all are looking and feeling fabulous.Please feel free to comment or enquire.Would love to hear from you all soon.Cheerio........coolhunter G.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Discover the princess in you.

Of velvet and viscose and silk ribbon and thread............these are some of the words that sprung to mind and in this very order when I first entered this quaint little store.Closet princess really is a shop so true to it's name.When one walks into it you literally feel like you have just walked into a princess' closet.You can kind of see how your servant might appear from behind those long lush velvet curtains to assist in dressing you in your velvet dress and silk slippers.Imagination aside the store is a creative reality worth visiting.If you are into clothes with this sort of imaginative flair do not give it a miss.Located in Wynberg and among a few other great vintage collectibles and thrift stores.For more info you can contact

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You gotta have A Sense of style!

So the world cup is over and out .What an exiting ride its been !Somehow its inspired a love for all things African I think.I mean hello if that sexy Shakira is sporting a 'tiervelletjie' and bead bobbles in her hair we might just see Madonna wearing a turbon next.Maybe I am way off the mark here but the world cup has injected a renewed interest in South Africa.Well done South Africa,well done you go on my extra cool list for top countries in the world.But before I start smothering you with my patriotism I'll change gears.I can feel the summer sun wanting to burst through the heavy winter clouds with the semi- hot days we been having lately.I am already dreaming of summer,visualising hot sexy days on da beach,boogie boarding,icy cool cocktails oh and hot hunky bods making the view all the more worth taking in.I know that you all are doing the same and wondering what to wear always takes precedence.And so hot on the rails (a birdy reveals)is upcoming fashion label,Sense.I met up with the all things chic fashion designer /owner of Sense ,Aaliyah for a chat.She reveals she designs very much with a story in mind.She wants to offer her clients versatile pieces they can always wear together.She believes layering is key and creates just the right amount of interest to give a woman that chic individual appeal.To top it all off she is working on a kiddies line too.I want to snoop snoop, really pick her brain about that when our other appointments catches up with us both.I suppose the element of suprise is so much better than knowing everything ahead of time in this case.So Sense suprise us,looking forward to it.As she dashes off I have to say I see a kooky cool gal with an energy to make some serious waves in the sea of fashion this summer and summers to come.Watch this space! fashionistas off to your piggy banks you go then off to Blackbeard and Dare in Cavendish Square where you will find her stuff.Go on now go if only for the sake of looking fabadacious!Till next time..........PS.also check out A Sense of Style via the facebook link.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just a thought!

Hello fellow fashionistas.It is my hope that you all are enjoying my blog posts thus far.My aim is to share my take on fashion and trends in a light hearted almost comedic way.Let it not be believed that I think I am an expert.I am just still as exited about fashion since the day I dressed my first display window.This said...just enjoy and digest my posts with a sense of humour.Fashion should be fun after all.till our next chit chat look fabadacious!

Friday, July 9, 2010

New cats on da block!

Ok so where exactly have you been coolhunterg ?(you all might be wondering.)I have been flexing my eye muscles ofcourse!How else would I be able to report back on my super cool life as coolhunterg?One sweet Saturday morning my antennas were buzzing in the direction of a certain Old Biscuit Mill.Now ,now I know you all have heard of the mill and going ........."sooooooooh old news coolhunterg!' Right?Truth is it is the surrounding district that has become a point of interest for me.The fact that every other month one strolls about there a new shop has just flung its doors wide open.All things sweet and tasteful I must add given the area's not so sunny reputation.I was pleasantly suprised by my most recent discovery ,The Cat's Meaow.A lovely little vintage attire outlet.A spot for those vintage loving fashionistas who are especially into quirky granny style pieces.I chatted to its equally nice owner who flung about helpfully when I asked if I could take some pictures. A few pictures later I leave quite mesmerised overwhelmed with a bit of familiarity.Those retro bags ,accesories shoes and all the rest, all so much of what I have already worn at another point in time. Do not stroll pass this shop on your way,pop in why don't you!I eventually ended up floating about the market had a beer and a high- fashion magazine look intake overload.Fashion groupies in their gatherings really pumps up the volume for me when there.Interesting to watch!The Biscuit Mill defnately therefore stays on my cool list at least for now that is.Dig you all very much keep it real and look fabadacious!(a combo of fabulous and delicious).Do check out one or two pictures if you like.The I Luv SA is my work and the polka dot dress mannequin is a glimpse into The Cat's Meaouw's window.Also would love to hear your comments ,questions and requests so drop off some words ok.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Coolhunter G's new shades.

Hello all!
So I am really happy to announce that at the moment life is gone from quiet to hectic.All the fashion madness and just the way I prefer it.From shoots to window styling,this coolhuner is busy,busy.Today I am checking in just to let you all know that I have not abandoned my blog.On an early morning out and about with a friend I make some fun discoveries.We chat about Sex and the City the sequal as we squizz about.Into a new line of high end fashion boutiques she latches her eyes onto a flashy red pair of trendy now stillettos.It makes me think of little Dorothy of the wizard of Oz but also Betty Boop.Her reaction to the shoes is what travels through my mind.I conclude that fashion sense of woman has gone a little nutty after there was Carrie Bradshaw.This new wave is all the rage in the south.So while all the ladies are getting on that very deliteful Sex and the city band wagon I am already a little bored. I casually decide to purchase a pair of round shape shades.I feel ultra cool as I make smooth strides in my new shape shades.Followed by mixed stares ...........I realise that I am the ultimate coolhunter leader not follower.The round shape shades is the ultimate accessory for me right now.It makes me look hippyish cool which is exactly how I want it to make me look as I scurry through the masses at the world cup soccer celebratory day event.Good good vibrations mon'.Soccer lovin' events are popping up all over the show..............its exiting and it is most definately here!So I am putting up that "gone soccer supporting sign' and attending the all the festivities I can.Till our next chit chat I am out for now.......................Oh and whatever you get up to , look Fabadacious!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The fashion superhero's appeal.

Imagine being thoroughly skilled in the arena that is fashion and not being able to pay the bills.A well rounded stylist in many respects.I can go from injecting your wardrobe with a sense a flavor and fun to decorating your house.However possessed with this unique talent I have not saved anyone from the despair that is bad styling in a while.As was declared"With great power comes great responsibility I really need to start styling some people if I am to be true to my power.So if there are any fashion and style crisises out there I need to be informed people!My appal to th world ....................LET ME STYLE YOU !let me pull you out of the gutter that is awful taste.I have the magic power that will help you discover yours......beatifully styled godess that you could be.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A little coolhunter magic.

Another week just flew by.Been disappointed by some people.As you can imagine.....coolhunting came to bit of a halt.Screech!Bruised I decided a little time to reflect is needed.At home it was still then irritating and frustrating .Properly possessed with a rage I decide to tackle a bit of DIY.An old wall got a paint effect facelift and a giant painted pot plant.On a roll, an old wooden frame got turned into a rustic treasure.Oh and a blank hallway hall became a canvas for my own wallpapering idea.It is onl

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello world everybody,anybody?Today I am just out and about around a busy little suburb in Cape Town called Wynberg.Over the weekend I met two lovely young Zambian kids in fact they are staying with me.Ok so what does that have to do with coolhunting?Ofcourse today I am showing them around a bit and somehow this is pretty much the process I will be chatting to you all about.Basically I am naturally on a mission to unearth this town's best features.I am a coolhunter after all!It has officially become part of my lifes work to spot what is cool and share it with you.So from fashion,art to food,markets,decor and life .................let this journey begin.Ps.Should you find yourself around Wynberg Blueberry Fashions,A fun little decor store houses just a tad bit more than the average decor item!Great for gifts and other novelties too.A delite for any magpie fashionistas'eyes and flavour.Do go see for yourself....