Friday, December 17, 2010

What goes pop in the night ?

Hello all...firstly I bet you all been missing me .After all I am CoolhunterG reporter of  the undiscovered fabulously cool and artfully happening trends.I mean a girl's gotta stay informed er' right?Right !........(and here's the part where you all are going oh CoolhunterG get on with it already.)So it appears pop - up shops are all the rage abroad ,particularly in trendy London town.Somehow it is filtering into fashion scene of you guessed it ,sunny South Africa no less.Is it any wonder then that a certain Ms. A , fashion brain behind Sense fashion label for ladies........and now kids has decided to stick her fingers in this fashion jelly jar? Ms. A reckons she is still expanding her brand  and the pop- up shop trend was the perfect avenue to venture into at this point.I'd met up with the fashionista at her shop one evening in the week of last to get the scoop ofcourse.I found her there smack bang in the middle of setting up.To my delite I merrily got to observe the ladies shifting and shoving around equipment arranging and rearranging.In the midst of all the merchandising madness Ms.A  appeared quite the busy elf herself .And while I quietly waited around I caught a glimpse of her flapping a piece of raffia around a jar of sweet chilly chocolate jam.How delitefully rustic I thought when  I then  decide to shuffle through her range of chic country style kiddies clothes.Subtly she is bringing back the ginghams of yesteryear giving it new form through her younger boys line of shirts.Her pretty teeny polka dot dresses stirs up a little nostalgia in me and makes me think of the time I had my heart set on becoming a ballerina.(A gal can dream you know........)Thrown into the mix is a range of toys and other goodies to make any young mommy's heart sing with delite.Finally she pulls me away chattering on all the while about the opening of her store and the 101 cupcakes she still has to go home and bake.We never get round to talking about her range in depth but there wasn't any real need to as it all pretty much spoke for itself.However she does make it clear that her aim is to bring back the fun playfulness  in kids clothes which I conclude she is very successfully on her way of doing.Till next time all you fashionistas get fabulous butts down to the Howard centre in Pinelands to check out this new shop.........Ps. you can also catch the latest updates on ASenseofstyle's  facebook page...cheerio CoolhunterG.

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