Friday, March 11, 2011

'I like it Freshly Ground.....thankyou!'

Last night I thoroughly enjoyed watching a doccie. of my favourite South African bands,Freshly Ground. They are by far one of this country 's best offerings as far as the music industry is concerned.The beats are a very original mix of afro-fusion pop.So many of their songs have had us all here in the sunny South merrily sing along and some have moved us to tears.Their jolly song Doobie Doobie Doo really lifted our spirits ,had us jiving opened us up to thoughts of togetherness .Nomvula ,a song sung so beautifully by front singer Zolani , gentle sounds of the violin carressing it so subtly makes it a mesmerising tune. I guess I can carry on like a die hard fan about every one of their tunes but really I just love them for their authentic South Africaness.No imitation just talent,good tunes and great vibe sums up this unique band for me.For those of you who like their music Freshly Ground ,get yourself a copy of one their albums  right here on this site via the Amazon product links.cheerio,coolhunter G

A collage

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A moment in Iziko

I found myself hot and bothered last Friday in Cape Town's City gardens.There I was on my home from a meeting with a friend sort of wandering simultaneously trying to take in nature's greenery. On along I hastily made my way  when this  massive building so majestic and bold in structure grabbed my attention.And so because I suffer from an acute chronic boredom syndrome for which the only cure is new adventures ,I decided to go take a closer look. At the entry way of this building I discover that it is none other than the Iziko Art Museum .Intrigued I now needed to get inside so I got my little ticket at the front desk ,swung open the two massive glass doors of this old world style building.Whoa Nelly !I gulped for a bit of air, greeted by this out sized sculpture of  what looked like a giant scarecrow.(A scarecrow with a tribal head dress no less which also looked about  ready to jump to life and  do some kind of rain dance.........) oh so awesome,my heart fluttered a whirlwind of butterflies .It was like stepping into a gigantic display window.Fashion being my first love this was a treat!On the other side of this hall of a room two mannequins stood draped in dresses(I  have to add, very wearable -couture)made from a fine African cloth..Another two was dressed in an almost smart alternative to edgy street wear,made from African print fabric.The outfit that  really had me plugged in was a waistcoat and trousers constructed entirely of multi-coloured ties...yes you heard me right ties I said.Now that's innovation in funky dressing.The young designers obviously took inspiration from African heritage and culture but what stood out for me was their combination of  craft -manship,creativity and style.This exhibition just highlighted what I already  mostly  insist on and that is that South Africa is really a country so rich and resourcefully abundant.Is it then any suprise that this particular exhibition is so appropiately called, Imagining Beauty?

In an effort to remove myself out of the fashion zone to furthermore explore the rest of the museum,I moved into the next room .A certain Roger Ballen's exhibit of black and white photographs had me giggle ,gawk and even shrivel with shock.A disturbing view of the detriment which is poverty on particular 'white' communities ,'dorps' in the Transvaal area as a result of complete and utter social ruin.Simply entitled Boarding house this exhibition evokes strong emotion,in me, a deep empathy for the people struggling in and under poverty stricken conditions.

Furthermore the museum houses the works of a few other prolific artists' work some of which makes very relevant comments about society,politics and life in general.Ofcourse I singled out  one piece let's say my favourite,a huge wall hanging made out of thousands of tin bottle caps. From a distance it shimmers like gold thread rug worthy of a kings castle when really it is the ordinary transformed into a rare work of art.

When I eventually leave the museum breathless in the wake that is the power of artistic expression a thought forms itself in my head and spirit.......'Africa's South Africa ,set against the infinite landscape of the world,
is a place  not only of wonder but of profound value.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In my studio..........a poem by coolhunter G

In my studio I dream of the world in images,we are bold dynamic ,beautiful we are torn....... Images of a magazine speaks volumes of  a world we live in we breathe quick we stop and start we twitter and tweat we eat and sleep we buzz then beap we browse then leap .Our  faces in and on books.A face and book, a world magazine .We gain access but is it insight ?In my studio I dream of the world in images.We are bold ,dynamic,beautiful we are torn.Images of a magazine speaks volumes......