Sunday, April 17, 2011

Winter is around the corner and I am already imagining a whiff of hearty hot smooth veggie and butternut soup.I love winter for very many reasons a few of them being food:several cups of hot cocoa,pretending to have flu and snuggling under the covers with dvds or that unput-downable novel ,funky wellies and cooky umbrellas,warm fresh breads and stews,a glass of port or two on a night in with great company.etcetera etcetera.I can go on and on because I adore winter also for it brings out childlikeness in me  above all else.Anyways I plan to put together a picture list of stylish haves real soon so fashionistas please look out for that ..........cheerio,

Alexa Chung's lovely little Bo peep dress...........adorable!


A few Mondays ago me and my interior decorating-crazed sister met up at Timbuktoo in lower main rd. Woodstock for a coffee and a chat.Our creative feathers were soflty stroked and tickeled by the decor element to be found in this here old warehouse turned decorator's heaven .Bianca was due to leave for London yet again I could think of a no better place for the two of us to enjoy a cuppa before she jets off over the seas again.Still dumbstruck by the fine design and decor that Timbuktoo houses we ended up in an at length conversation about how South Africa is growing in terms of it's standard in the design and art industries.We move around the warehouse just in awe of how the bold interior displays of african art seem to be giving the unfinished dry cement back wall of the warehouse a fresh and uplifting dimension.Bianca gets a teeny tiny  sentimental twinkle in her eye ,I notice.She points out to a painting of an african woman carrying a water can on her head and elects it as her favourite one there.The warehouse really has an eclectic feel about it which in my opinion makes for sort of  an idea box for keen aspiring designers and creatives alike.Bianca has her sites set on taking her passion for interiors to the next level she reveals to me as we a little later make our way out........With a an admiring glance I think to myself , though London has captured  her heart ,Africa holds a very special place in it too.Cheerio(from a slightly teary eyed coolhunter G )PS:I am gonna miss my sister but hey I am gonna go visit lots.............

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The leather satchel's great return

Hi there fashionistas please check out to view and purchase fabulous designer fashion and accessories..........It appears the leather satchel is back in full swing this season so go on and invest a beauty like this one.cheerio coolhunter G