Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The anarchists are back.

Punk is all the mad rage trending  on the fashion scene at the moment.I  had been aware of this for a little while now donning my old gold biker jacket along with  my studded purple dress as well as leather cuff to a recent concert.Also two or three months ago I would buy a red  tartan check shirt which I am wearing with fierce androgyny this winter season.Celebs all over the show are also incorporating this trend into their personal sense of style sporting punk inspired hairstyles and metal stud accessories galore.

Miley Cyrus nails this trend and she makes it look hot.Not so sure about the grey hair Nicole Richie!

You will need a combination of  a few this style items to get the trend just right.If  you are not willing to go this far  a  leather skirt,jacket or pants pared down with a more classic item ought to also do it.cheerio,coolhunter G

Thursday, May 9, 2013


 May the 4th marked the birthday of legendary screen and style icon, Audrey Hepburn.Audrey defined elegance with her imitable classic style.Above she is seen in the all time favourite Breakfast at Tiffany's.
 Audrey inspired many a stylish woman's  love of simple classic style and .....ballet pumps.
Aside from being Hollywood royalty she also gave back in a big way ,she was a noted humanitarian who helped change the world. Not just famous, she was a beautiful humanbeing who made a valuable difference in the world.This to me marks a true icon.Cheerio.........till next time coolhunter G.

Market day

Hello fellow fashion people.If you were wondering exactly what I have been up to lately, here follows a little picture journey of my whereabouts.Staying true to form I was out cool-hunting ofcourse .exploring two markets within the City Bowl area.The Cape Quarter Village  market had much to offer!Set against the perfect space to have people gather thus creating just the right atmostphere on an easy Sunday morning.

Rustic ,relaxed seating waits for you and your favorite people to huddle , kick back  and catch -up over an expresso.Meanwhile  mouthwatering aromas are seeping out from the market -bar hypnotising those early lunchin' taste buds of yours.  
Cool goggles on, I spotted some awesome  kiddies clothes ....select quality brands for your tots to look their stylish best.

Unique street style catches my attention.........
This lovely dame I warn you lot.........has magical powers creating all kinds of  devilishly yummy cakes and sweets ready to tempt you!
I was just over the moon when  I discovered  Ms.A fashion designer and owner of local fashion label,A Sense of Style also trading at the market.Her range told in parts, a nautical story but also included key pieces inspired by this season's trend,opulence.

The market-bar is a haven of heavenly delectable treats and eats .Ranging from the most fragrant rich Indian and Malay dishes to all things Asian.Roaring tummies might want to curb their enthusiasm.Darlings before I rush off on  yet another coolhunting expedition I urge u to  stop over at the Village market this Sunday or other to experience a bit of the good life that is fashion ,food  and  great company.

Cheerio till next time............the only coolhunter G.

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