Monday, October 28, 2013

You can leave your hat on !

I hope you all have your party hats tucked away for the festive season which  is well on it's way.The hat has made a jazzy comeback and it seems not out of place or over the top to don one to your best bestie's cocktail do this holiday season.I do recommend however a sense of humour in place when wearing one .Hats are all about adding a fun element to an outfit or a bit of personalty .Though noone in my opinion had the bravery of stylist , the late Isabella Blow whom I starkly admired for wearing the most outrageous,bizarre creations in fashion history.That said I think why not  make it a  theme to your New Year's Eve party if this end of  year you are going all posh on us darling !Cheerio.........chit and chatter real soon,coolhunter G.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Now where are all my casettes...and that beat-box of mine?

Hi all you fashionable and also stylish people I always hope since the there seems to be an urge to revive the trends of the 1980's and 1990's.(Yes somewhere in the midst of all the fabulous trends out there.....someone had this idea)Back in the day yeah' when the beats were banging' (and I was practising and polishing my spin on Mc. Hammer's the running man' dance)yes then it was fashionably alright to wear multiple multiple coloured scrunchies stacked!Huh... no you have to be seriously delirious to do that while chewing gum as if gum has endless flavour in it.Decide for yourself  hip people but the coolhunter G says carry out with caution.....or abandon caution but don't call me when you look like you are off to a theme party where it is the norm to look like you have made the greatest effort.Like I always mean to say , do not wear the trends all at once!
Have to admit though, some people were kicking fashion's butt back then  with all that 'fly ' style.Makes me think  Exitements,Jelly babies and Kylie Minogue .

Drew in the 90's had that rock and roll edge combined with a bit of punk.I like this image of her particularly as we all also know that the biker just don't date.
This band led the fashion pack disco of girls in the nineties with their creative expression especially musically.In the end have fun incorporating some of the 80's and 90's  trends but wear it with modernity,tact and wit.Have fun though ,till next time .....cheerio,coolhunter G.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

You can't copy individuality

 Right hello all you grand fashionable folk!I thought it fitting to share with you some of my favourite street style images and share my thoughts and views .Genuine admiration for this woman's style because of her relaxed natural smile and laugh.Her hair is just untamed and free........which are key words here dames!Let those tresses loose because even if  life is no joke at times it doesn't hurt throwing on a quirky quaint dress and indulging in the giggles as if you have just experienced the strangest thing.Chill....... 
This frame is reading scholars of fashion their fashion rights this season....and perhaps  right into next year.Let's see.......

There is a strong wave blowing in the direction of woman sporting hairstyles true to their individuality.Be brave ladies and step out being true to noone else but you.

Life seems a polka dot of a breeze at the festivals yet as this woman points out in this sheer printed frock.Keep those eyes peeled for similar styles for this summer and take a breather oh and your shades darling.
Yes as a coolhunter I am always pleased to share my views around fashion .art and lifestyle season to season not dictate it to you.Whatever you wear this season  fashionable people please stay true to yourself,be inspired by old and new fuse together different styles if you like.Be the best you are unique and that is ok.Cheerio till my next post and remember express yourself !Coolhunter G

Friday, August 16, 2013

Street Art:Blue masked

The aspect I particularly enjoy about art on the streets' walls is that you can always expect the unexpected and often alluringly unusual.Think pieces.The piece above was spotted quite out of place on the wall of a house in Goodwood in Cape Town's northern suburbs.I think the act of  doing this sort of piece in the graffiti  art world is referred to as 'bombing 'a wall.It certainly grabbed my attention and I have to add that it seems incomplete or perhaps that was the artist's intention.    cheerio,coolhunter G

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gheisha girl

If you love the oriental you may want to give the kimono trend  a go this coming spring.Swing into spring with a few of these lust-haves.A richly printed kimono is a good place to start however given it's statement making value you may want to pair it down with sober coloured jeans.
Or be daring and wear it your own way you might then add opulent jewellery pieces on an evening out.
I am not insanely gaga over Alexa Chung's interpretation as perhaps it is way too safe but she still nails the trend.I would say the way Jessa wears it in Girls is quite cool as her character really embodies that bohemian spirit.
Find inspiration through watching Memoirs of a Gheisha on dvd or indulge in reading the book by Arthur Golden of the same name and journey with him to .the secret worlds of Gheisha.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Shoestring Collective

The pop up shop trend is still doing the rounds it appears.Upon a quick shop about in Cape Town's Garden centre last of last week I would discover a group of young designers strutting their wares by means of this very way..Known as The Shoestring collective no less they stylishly encourage us to buy locally an initiative I too support 101 %.Brand names like Coppelia tempted with kooky cool vintage frocks and blouses.I particularly admired the the variety of knits they had on offer as well.

Anomali blew me away and had my imagination in fluttering flights of fancy with their line of  original and curious jewellery.The line included carved out  scoop end of spoons dangling from dainty chains thus creating very unusual individual style pieces.It really is worth going to see for yourself.Innovative in a very unexpected way to put it in a nutshell.

Some more decor pieces bearing bird,rabbit amongst other animal motives. If you into quirky design or if you are thinking of getting someone a sweetly delightful gift you might just spot it right here.The designers will occupy the space up until mid-September if any of you are curious or might find yourself in the centre before then.cheerio ........coolhunter G

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I woke up a bit late to the HBO series but can now say I am ever so glad I started watching it. Ridiculously entertaining it beats quite a few other offerings out there hands down. It is quite candit meaning it has an in your face appeal that is real and so many girls of the same age can relate in some way to the characters' experiences. It is explicit but in my opinion without being offensive because of the added humour. Creator Lena Dunham sure is a talented writer as the series already also boasts a cult following of gigantic numerals and has won several awards within a very short space of time after its debut first season. I for one cannot wait for the other seasons of the show to see what kind of dilemnas the New York fashion savvy foursome get themselves into next.The stylist in me naturally just had to have pick at the wardrobe stylist's ensembles for a bit. Humour me if you will .Here GOES.............
This pic is from one of the second season's episodes.Jessa's character has  has that  eccentric bohemian flair.There is  just once or twice where the stylist saddens me by having her parade around in  a kimono style garment  coupled with a blue vest underneath which for me bordered on trashy as it looked as though she was wearing pajamas.I get that her character is carefree and so on and so forth but attention to detail never did any harm from a stylist's eye view of ofcourse.As for Hannah's character I totally adore her whole daft punk artsy look she portrays style wise however in some instances it just looks like she is wearing ill- fitting underwear under clothes which look wrong in the end. I am not all about critiquing as I consider the show to be a hit and the wardrobe stylist  to be really good as she brings the personalities of the characters to the fore in a freshly unique way.Cheerio.....grand glamour girls.Coolhunter G

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bicycling by Obz.

 .So I decided to brave the city's chilly weather and also show off my superb bicycle -riding skills simultaneously this past Friday morning.Along my way I would pop in at a friend's and collect for myself the grandest bunch of roses I had ever laid my eyes on.Feeling gloriously blessed as I roamed my carefree self about Cape Town's Observatory I caught wind of some pretty eye-catching shop window diplays.
Obz. as I have mentioned in previous posts boasts an exellent dig-about,bargain- finding vintage clothing shop or two.
The picture is taken of a shop selling select antique and retro decor pieces and other tid-bits.I love the blazer on the mannequin here not because of it's trendy appeal but because it makes a bold statement,is in good condition and has a good fit.
For hungry lionesses and bear cubs using cold winter weather as an exuse to tuck in ,Kwik-Spar,lower main,Obz. is a great stop- over for feasts of tasty take-away treats for the discerned budget beater..Be it that their offerings were all freshly baked transporting the aromas to the outside curb,impressed me!
Further on up lower -main I made a date with myself and the newly opened Lingko,an Asian restaurant of notable sushi combo sensations.Coffee shop come bakery ,Mimi's also swung their doors open not too long ago and was bustling under coffee-drinking cake - eating couplets.
Where better to end off my bicycle-riding roundabout on a Friday early  than the Obz.Cafe' for a lager to dunk down all of  the week's sighs and cries in good company ofcourse.I can fairly recommend that you  and a pal start off your weekend in the city in lower main road  Obz. as it firmly remains the hub of choice for me..........the one and only coolhunter G.Cheerio  tiil ' next time.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The anarchists are back.

Punk is all the mad rage trending  on the fashion scene at the moment.I  had been aware of this for a little while now donning my old gold biker jacket along with  my studded purple dress as well as leather cuff to a recent concert.Also two or three months ago I would buy a red  tartan check shirt which I am wearing with fierce androgyny this winter season.Celebs all over the show are also incorporating this trend into their personal sense of style sporting punk inspired hairstyles and metal stud accessories galore.

Miley Cyrus nails this trend and she makes it look hot.Not so sure about the grey hair Nicole Richie!

You will need a combination of  a few this style items to get the trend just right.If  you are not willing to go this far  a  leather skirt,jacket or pants pared down with a more classic item ought to also do it.cheerio,coolhunter G

Thursday, May 9, 2013


 May the 4th marked the birthday of legendary screen and style icon, Audrey Hepburn.Audrey defined elegance with her imitable classic style.Above she is seen in the all time favourite Breakfast at Tiffany's.
 Audrey inspired many a stylish woman's  love of simple classic style and .....ballet pumps.
Aside from being Hollywood royalty she also gave back in a big way ,she was a noted humanitarian who helped change the world. Not just famous, she was a beautiful humanbeing who made a valuable difference in the world.This to me marks a true icon.Cheerio.........till next time coolhunter G.

Market day

Hello fellow fashion people.If you were wondering exactly what I have been up to lately, here follows a little picture journey of my whereabouts.Staying true to form I was out cool-hunting ofcourse .exploring two markets within the City Bowl area.The Cape Quarter Village  market had much to offer!Set against the perfect space to have people gather thus creating just the right atmostphere on an easy Sunday morning.

Rustic ,relaxed seating waits for you and your favorite people to huddle , kick back  and catch -up over an expresso.Meanwhile  mouthwatering aromas are seeping out from the market -bar hypnotising those early lunchin' taste buds of yours.  
Cool goggles on, I spotted some awesome  kiddies clothes quality brands for your tots to look their stylish best.

Unique street style catches my attention.........
This lovely dame I warn you lot.........has magical powers creating all kinds of  devilishly yummy cakes and sweets ready to tempt you!
I was just over the moon when  I discovered  Ms.A fashion designer and owner of local fashion label,A Sense of Style also trading at the market.Her range told in parts, a nautical story but also included key pieces inspired by this season's trend,opulence.

The market-bar is a haven of heavenly delectable treats and eats .Ranging from the most fragrant rich Indian and Malay dishes to all things Asian.Roaring tummies might want to curb their enthusiasm.Darlings before I rush off on  yet another coolhunting expedition I urge u to  stop over at the Village market this Sunday or other to experience a bit of the good life that is fashion ,food  and  great company.

Cheerio till next time............the only coolhunter G.

Please note:The images used in this article is the property of coolhunter G.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sense of Style - Kids this coming weekend @CityBowl Market CT

Exiting things are brewing in the studios of local fashion label Sense of Style. All you yummy mummy fashionistas will be pleased to hear that they currently have an amazing kids wear range on offer too.If you are as excited as I am by this news, I would strongly suggest you head over to the City Bowl Market in Hope street,Cape Town this coming Saturday,April 27 2013 to get your hands on a Sense of Style original. More details to follow soon............ cheerio ,Coolhunter G