Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Coolhunter G

Moves like Mrs.Jagger

I had the idea of  doing a little post every week around style icons of past eras.This  week I review the stylish Bianca Jagger who was in a class of her own captivating with an air of mystery.She oozed a natural sense of style ,one never gets the idea that she tried too hard to impress be it that she was wife of legendary rock artist Mick Jagger.

Later on she would be seen in well tailored timelessly classic style suits like the black and white power suit. However she inividualised the luxe hippy look of the seventies too  incorporating uniquely avant garde details here and there.

Here she is seen in her signature fashion moment ,the off-shoulder dress.

Happy Easter everyone !

Right it is Easter time again ,a time to gather with loved ones and celebrate.I snatched a few images of the things that make my heart flutter with joy this time of year.

Warm sweetly delicious hot cross buns makes the pur.....fect accompaniment to the traditional Easter meal that is pickle fish.

There are quite a few pickle fish making experts in all our families like the aunt,mum or granny who believes her recipe is most superb,cut above the rest so to speak.Recipes get shared and compared like mad but in my opinion the dish is fairly simple to make and one improves at it with every Easter. For those of you  fashionistas who has no  love for the thought of curry stained fingers head down to Woolies to pick up the ready made tubs.

Save some pennies and get crafty all you mummies out there and suprise the kids with these easy to make bunny pockets made with cardboard.Get the kids to join in and help you if you like. as it is an excellent family time activity .

Another clever idea are these  paper cups turned chicklet and bunny rabbit sweet treat holders.You simply pop the mini chocolate eggs in em' or you could even just fill it up with popcorn as an alternative.
Write your lovedones a  note inside a homemade card such as this one as it is always  a thoughtful and sentimental way to say thank you.This is simple white paper card and pink ribbon.

Lastly I wish all my readers a good and safe Easter weekend .Happy egg hunting !
Cheerio ...........coolhunter G

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I love tea

Life is never to short to throw a little tea party where you invite all your favorite people to gather in good conversation ,laughter and well just pleasant company.This book by tea party expert Jane Pettigrew is filled with a superb array of ideas for great tea parties and gatherings.I thought it fitting to pass on the notion since public holidays are about  us real soon like Human Rights Day and Easter ofcourse.So dust off the old china dearies and boast your best tart recipe as life is too short not celebrate it a bit.

Many of us lead such busy often stressful lives. Do we ever enjoy a little time for ourselves? Just a few minutes enjoying a fine tea or a moment ruminating quietly?Pour that cup and shut the world out for  ten. minutes.............remember to kick off those heels and put your feet up!Lipton and Twinings are the two top teas in my pantry,Twinings being a very soothing blend which comes in few herbal varieties too.
No one can quite deny that a Woolies milktart is always a winner at a high tea of taste or a real treat at late Sunday afternoon tea.
A great Earl grey blend is amongst my favorite in the vast world of teas.Woolworths offers quite a variety. There is even something called organic Earl Grey which is just heavenly as well..Though Earl Grey is somewhat more of a traditional tea it's taste is very distinct. The fragrant bergamot infusion really gets my  tastebuds trickling with delight.
There are ofcourse various ways to enjoy tea one of which is with no milk, a slice or a  squeeze of lemon and a speck of ginger just to kick it up a bit.Herbal blends such as chamomile,jasmine,green and oolong(popular and tea of choice in Japan) is often best enjoyed this way.Mom swears by milkless tea and one will never see her enjoy her cup any other way.
For luxury lovers and since it is almost Easter try get your hands on White Silver Tip tea which goes well with chocolate.Spoil yourself and your best friend and sneak off to Woolworths to grab a pack of peppermint caramel slices and dive right  in( and for once just bugger the calorie count chart......will you?)Enjoy!!!!!
Lady Bonins tea parlour is a great way to start your tea connoisseuring.They are situated in Lower Albert rd. in Woodstock in the new design centre.Sis if you are reading they do an exellent chai.

Cheerio ..........till next time coolhunter G

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Sense of Style

It was last week  Thursday morning that I would finally catch up with the ever busy local fashion designer Ms.A as I like to refer to  her.(Owner of  the local ladieswear and kids fashion brand,Sense )Ms.A not being someone to waste a minute when it comes to her brand nabs me along with her on an errand  that morning. We end up at  a little tucked away fabric store awash with rolls of fabric in every corner haphazardly filling  the space Ms. A digs right in energetically pulling and tugging simultaneously inspecting.It immediately becomes very clear to me that she is still so immensely passionate about her brand ,about growing it.I manage to throw a few questions at her  with regards to her future plans.

Coolhunter G :Is it fair to say you have been quiet over the past few months.What have you been up to?


        Ms. A :  Oh no, not really .I have been as busy as  I have ever been getting my website up and running aside from creating quality garments for my clients and being a mom to my two little tots .I  have also been doing quite a bit of styling work too.

Coolhunter G :What can we expect for  this winter?

Ms A: I don't want to give anything away but I will say that I  have become a much more conscientous designer taking into account what my clients really want in terms of quality and style.I have learnt a great deal and am now in a place where I am pushing the envelope.

Coolhunter G :When can we expect to visit your website?

Ms.A :Oh very,very soon  but at the moment my winter range is taking center stage .The website has me greatly exited too so I want it to be just right.

Coolhunter G :Anything else in the pipeline that you want Sense clients to know about ?

Ms. A :Not really just that the website is something to really  look forward to and that I am paying attention to detail here as I really want it to improve Sense'clients shopping experience by far , you know ,make it easier.

We wrap things up after about an hour of one on one over a pot of  Earl Grey.and as the designer eventually scurries off with a glint in her eye gripping her fabric buys tightly  under her arm I conclude that this is a fashion story far from over .

You can follow Sense on Facebook and look out for updates on the launch of  the website and the latest clothing  range.

Cheerio.............coolhunter G

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Have some Ssense.com

Start the bike I am just getting my boots on baby ! This boot is from a brand named Golden Goose amongst other spunky new styles from online shopping website ssense.com.I selected as I always do the ones that pull at my heart srtings .I like the rugged edge this boot cleverly epitomises.

At heart I am and will always be a punk so for me this cuff kicks butt  in the cool accessory department.Edge up an outfit for a somewhat anarchic feel/mood.Go on now rebel a bit.
This handbag is by popular designer label,Chloe.Satchel style looks in bags have made a huge come-back and this style proves that practical can be stylish too.

All images are from online shopping blog Ssense
go to .ssense.com to see more ..............happy shopping!

Golf and wine

This should be an exceptional event and is really in aid of supporting a very important cause.No woman or child should have to ever suffer any kind of abuse.It hurts knowing that there are children and women out there being abused on a daily basis and no one cares to help or  make a positive difference in their lives.Events like these can hopefully bring light to the cruel reality that is abuse and genuine changes can be put into play.Make the date to if you can.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First class to Cape Town .......thankyou.

I overheard a conversation the other day  in which the beauty of Cape Town was discussed with much passion.I can certainly too  think of a good few reasons why people would feel that way  and here is why I still  love the city as much..The  picture above is on the  wall under the bridge outside the Gardens Center  situated in   the Vredehoek/Tamboerskloof area.

This is a painting which hung all lonesome in a window  of   what appeared to be a deserted art gallery by the name of Studio 49 within the Gardens area.I personally like to refer to it as Portrait of an African girl not  African woman  ,because of  it's sense of innocence.
Arriving in town the mystical Table Mountain greets me so I take a moment to absorb it's awe.This view of the majestical mountain is from the taxi rank 's bridge in central town.

Oh mama of  Africa paint your world, dear mama color it mama ,make it come alive mama !Some more street art on the side wall of a house.

Bushman paintings inspired wall art around the Harrington street vicinity which is flowering  into a hub for budding new designers also as I  noted.. This wall is opposite the sweetly delectable Charly's Bakery.

Need I say more.........aaaaaah just thought this could make a sweet post card.

This wall was covered with an array of unusual images but the ethereal like woman  caught my eye.
And lastly if you were wondering why I am going all bonkers about the city's fabulousness it is because I am a serial carnival -loving nutcase and Cape Town's  Carnival is but  a few breaths away again  my fashionable friends.Gear up in your festive get -ups  people as I hope to see you at the carnival this year so we moon dance our way into the next morning.Cheerio .........coolhunter G  Ps:(Please keep a look out for an Egceptional Easter-an  article in which  I will just chat about this  up - coming Easter.....)

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Die Antwoord

                            I would be lying if I said I actually listen to this band .I read an article about them
                              in Rolling Stone Magazine the other day and then from then on they hooked my attention
                               I also highly respect that they rap in Afrikaans and that they are massively original in doing so giving rap music a brand new identity.
 Their 'in your face image' which seeps into their music lyrically too is certainly anything  but  dull in comparison to what's going on out there on the rap and hip-hop scene.I am going to give their latest album a good listen and see if they really worth a grand review by the one and only coolhunter G
Please keep your eyes peeled for the review....................coolhunter G                         

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Street art

Street art ,Saltriver Cape Town.

Best brogue forward

Here are two of my favorite style brogues . Metallic shoes features highly in my fashionable life always and what better than to own  a pair of designer brogues in this hue.
Try the brogue in white but keep your look classic and simple.Feminize it up with a dress to avoid looking like the first lady jigalo.Cheerio,coolhunter G NB:Please do leave me a comment at any time .

Woolies" Ladieswear window

On an outing to Canal Walk shopping mall this past Wednesday I snapped a picture of  the Woolies Ladieswear window .It really just had me reminisce about my past visual merchandising days at Woolworths..I was impressed by the selection of merchandise as well the combination however I do think that the grouping as well as the wigs could have been improved upon.Having said that the window does look good and the design on the backwall makes it stand out.

Strange flowers

Olaf Hajek solo  exhibits at the Whatiftheworld  art gallery from March 14 ,2013.For more info please visit whatiftheworld.com

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Parisians fashionably paves the way.....

Hello fellow fashion lovers .Oh, how my heart is bleeding right now.There are no words that could possibly describe my longing , yearning this burning desire to attend Paris Fashion Week.I have gathered some images from the net and shared a few of my thoughts with regards to trends .

Backstage at Paris fashion week stylists are transforming and bringing fantastical hair to life.

New textures layered  dynamically  ventures into upcoming winter trends.Opulence is key .Bits of yellow will be seen and metallics such as gold will feature strongly still given that it has been around for a few seasons already.

Street stylers pioneering their way to the front seat.........

Sassy fashion designer  Isabelle Marant introduces a look that is laid-back ,cool and shows us that print on print need never be overpowering.

Models having fun in subtle colored  lady-like creations by Louis Vuitton.

The jumpsuit gets a gloomy new dimension and platinum hair dominates pulling together a glamorous goth inspired look.

Images used are from websites :