Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Easter everyone !

Right it is Easter time again ,a time to gather with loved ones and celebrate.I snatched a few images of the things that make my heart flutter with joy this time of year.

Warm sweetly delicious hot cross buns makes the pur.....fect accompaniment to the traditional Easter meal that is pickle fish.

There are quite a few pickle fish making experts in all our families like the aunt,mum or granny who believes her recipe is most superb,cut above the rest so to speak.Recipes get shared and compared like mad but in my opinion the dish is fairly simple to make and one improves at it with every Easter. For those of you  fashionistas who has no  love for the thought of curry stained fingers head down to Woolies to pick up the ready made tubs.

Save some pennies and get crafty all you mummies out there and suprise the kids with these easy to make bunny pockets made with cardboard.Get the kids to join in and help you if you like. as it is an excellent family time activity .

Another clever idea are these  paper cups turned chicklet and bunny rabbit sweet treat holders.You simply pop the mini chocolate eggs in em' or you could even just fill it up with popcorn as an alternative.
Write your lovedones a  note inside a homemade card such as this one as it is always  a thoughtful and sentimental way to say thank you.This is simple white paper card and pink ribbon.

Lastly I wish all my readers a good and safe Easter weekend .Happy egg hunting !
Cheerio ...........coolhunter G

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