Monday, March 18, 2013

A Sense of Style

It was last week  Thursday morning that I would finally catch up with the ever busy local fashion designer Ms.A as I like to refer to  her.(Owner of  the local ladieswear and kids fashion brand,Sense )Ms.A not being someone to waste a minute when it comes to her brand nabs me along with her on an errand  that morning. We end up at  a little tucked away fabric store awash with rolls of fabric in every corner haphazardly filling  the space Ms. A digs right in energetically pulling and tugging simultaneously inspecting.It immediately becomes very clear to me that she is still so immensely passionate about her brand ,about growing it.I manage to throw a few questions at her  with regards to her future plans.

Coolhunter G :Is it fair to say you have been quiet over the past few months.What have you been up to?


        Ms. A :  Oh no, not really .I have been as busy as  I have ever been getting my website up and running aside from creating quality garments for my clients and being a mom to my two little tots .I  have also been doing quite a bit of styling work too.

Coolhunter G :What can we expect for  this winter?

Ms A: I don't want to give anything away but I will say that I  have become a much more conscientous designer taking into account what my clients really want in terms of quality and style.I have learnt a great deal and am now in a place where I am pushing the envelope.

Coolhunter G :When can we expect to visit your website?

Ms.A :Oh very,very soon  but at the moment my winter range is taking center stage .The website has me greatly exited too so I want it to be just right.

Coolhunter G :Anything else in the pipeline that you want Sense clients to know about ?

Ms. A :Not really just that the website is something to really  look forward to and that I am paying attention to detail here as I really want it to improve Sense'clients shopping experience by far , you know ,make it easier.

We wrap things up after about an hour of one on one over a pot of  Earl Grey.and as the designer eventually scurries off with a glint in her eye gripping her fabric buys tightly  under her arm I conclude that this is a fashion story far from over .

You can follow Sense on Facebook and look out for updates on the launch of  the website and the latest clothing  range.

Cheerio.............coolhunter G

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