Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First class to Cape Town .......thankyou.

I overheard a conversation the other day  in which the beauty of Cape Town was discussed with much passion.I can certainly too  think of a good few reasons why people would feel that way  and here is why I still  love the city as much..The  picture above is on the  wall under the bridge outside the Gardens Center  situated in   the Vredehoek/Tamboerskloof area.

This is a painting which hung all lonesome in a window  of   what appeared to be a deserted art gallery by the name of Studio 49 within the Gardens area.I personally like to refer to it as Portrait of an African girl not  African woman  ,because of  it's sense of innocence.
Arriving in town the mystical Table Mountain greets me so I take a moment to absorb it's awe.This view of the majestical mountain is from the taxi rank 's bridge in central town.

Oh mama of  Africa paint your world, dear mama color it mama ,make it come alive mama !Some more street art on the side wall of a house.

Bushman paintings inspired wall art around the Harrington street vicinity which is flowering  into a hub for budding new designers also as I  noted.. This wall is opposite the sweetly delectable Charly's Bakery.

Need I say more.........aaaaaah just thought this could make a sweet post card.

This wall was covered with an array of unusual images but the ethereal like woman  caught my eye.
And lastly if you were wondering why I am going all bonkers about the city's fabulousness it is because I am a serial carnival -loving nutcase and Cape Town's  Carnival is but  a few breaths away again  my fashionable friends.Gear up in your festive get -ups  people as I hope to see you at the carnival this year so we moon dance our way into the next morning.Cheerio .........coolhunter G  Ps:(Please keep a look out for an Egceptional Easter-an  article in which  I will just chat about this  up - coming Easter.....)

All the images used in this article are photos taken by coolhunter G
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