Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I love tea

Life is never to short to throw a little tea party where you invite all your favorite people to gather in good conversation ,laughter and well just pleasant company.This book by tea party expert Jane Pettigrew is filled with a superb array of ideas for great tea parties and gatherings.I thought it fitting to pass on the notion since public holidays are about  us real soon like Human Rights Day and Easter ofcourse.So dust off the old china dearies and boast your best tart recipe as life is too short not celebrate it a bit.

Many of us lead such busy often stressful lives. Do we ever enjoy a little time for ourselves? Just a few minutes enjoying a fine tea or a moment ruminating quietly?Pour that cup and shut the world out for  ten. minutes.............remember to kick off those heels and put your feet up!Lipton and Twinings are the two top teas in my pantry,Twinings being a very soothing blend which comes in few herbal varieties too.
No one can quite deny that a Woolies milktart is always a winner at a high tea of taste or a real treat at late Sunday afternoon tea.
A great Earl grey blend is amongst my favorite in the vast world of teas.Woolworths offers quite a variety. There is even something called organic Earl Grey which is just heavenly as well..Though Earl Grey is somewhat more of a traditional tea it's taste is very distinct. The fragrant bergamot infusion really gets my  tastebuds trickling with delight.
There are ofcourse various ways to enjoy tea one of which is with no milk, a slice or a  squeeze of lemon and a speck of ginger just to kick it up a bit.Herbal blends such as chamomile,jasmine,green and oolong(popular and tea of choice in Japan) is often best enjoyed this way.Mom swears by milkless tea and one will never see her enjoy her cup any other way.
For luxury lovers and since it is almost Easter try get your hands on White Silver Tip tea which goes well with chocolate.Spoil yourself and your best friend and sneak off to Woolworths to grab a pack of peppermint caramel slices and dive right  in( and for once just bugger the calorie count chart......will you?)Enjoy!!!!!
Lady Bonins tea parlour is a great way to start your tea connoisseuring.They are situated in Lower Albert rd. in Woodstock in the new design centre.Sis if you are reading they do an exellent chai.

Cheerio ..........till next time coolhunter G

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