Monday, September 27, 2010

Nifty neck pieces

Hi ladies here are some the jewellery pieces ,some more styles will follow in upcoming blog posts ok.If you want to enquire about prices etc.just drop me request in the comments atom.The pieces have quite a romantic feel about it and is meant to add that touch of individuality to your chosen outfit.Order today ..........cheerio coolhunter G

Street style 2:Out on de streets

It took quite a while to finally  get this picture with this particular lady.Personal shopper/fashion designer of  label Sense, agreed to a picture this morning after coffee and a chat.I thought this look was quite shabby chic.  Very easy styled and relaxed.(Ps.Keep a look out for more street style........coming soon!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Re -create

Hi there all !I promised myself not too long ago that I'd set out to the emerging gloss town that is the ever developing Albert rd.Woodstock.And so I decided it should be no later than this superbly sunny Saturday morning.I started my walk at the Mill and floated my way little further down.I could not contain my curiosity when I just happened to see that Recreate has just opened their doors. I made a point of checking them out and was completely awe struck.The lovely Katie was doing subtle introductions  amidst her works of art which cries sheer brilliance!A true pioneer in recycling .What an awakening in the old made new.Imagine an old suitcase becomes an uber sexy couch.Well imagine no more, Katie seems  a master at recreating a piece of what we would call junk.Her suitcase chairs and couches are just immaculate re-inventions and sensibly restored meeting a high standard of quality so sought after when making that ultimate decor item purchase.Beautifying your interior space can only get better from here onward,honestly!An ever nosy posy fashionista like moi is never satisfied and so to see a little more of  Albert rd., reigned high on my priority list.Furthermore I trotted always in the hope of discovering the newly fantastical.And ladies so I did ,Bromwell boutique cafe'meets art gallery is a treat in between ,pleasing to the eyes and the senses.I had squizz about the all that's opulently plush art gallery and then humbly retired to a an ice cool drink at their cocktail bar in the company of a very hunky experimental barman.I'd forgotten his name ,damn it!(Trust a fashionista to be composed after a cocktail served by a yummy bar man who also just happens to know  how to use his ingredients.)In keeping with telling ya'll all about the very nessecity of exploring Albert not glide past Whatiftheworld art gallery for a certain Peter Eastman's collection of works...............Lastly do schedule Albert rd .into your diaries loves' and in conclusion 'Who needs Paris?(Though ofcourse very little compares)If you need a bit more info drop me a comment or just enquire.Cheerio ...........Coolhunter G

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Street Style 1:Out on de streets

This photo I took a while back let's say in the midst of winter.This girl's kitchy style immedately grabbed my attention.I thought now here is someone who doesn't take fashion too seriously and just has a little fun with it.I love her pink heart shades but really just more her bravado to sport such a quirky look.Oh also like that she is wearing a brooch(very granny).Cheerio............coolhunter G

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fwd: Pop in pink

Hi there foxy fashionistas,I have very exiting news to share .I will be launching a brand new  fun  jewellery line very soon.So if any of you darlings are into bold ,unique and fun jewellery do keep a look out for it.The neckpiece in the picture is a little glimpse into what's instore.The range will be exclusive to so if your already a member/follower then I will send you updates as to what is available for purchase........cheerio Coolhunter G

Trend alert:Go grunge.........edge up your wardrobes chics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Busy day at the studio doing some styling for Sense.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweetly Summer:trends for summer

Hi there ladies here are a few styles that really stand out for me as far as ladies trends for summer are concerned.Although these trends look like they might only be for the younger babes its not so.Look carefully and you will see it really is your basics reinvented like for eg.your classic denims with an on trend floral or stripy top.Funk up your jeans by rolling up the bottoms to create an edgy yet relaxed grungy look like in the picture.I especially love the nautical inspired shorts something very old Hollywood about it, circa Audrey Hepburn.In my opinion florals can make one look overly feminine much like a walking flower bush ,so edge up your look a bit.For eg.add a military inspired shirt to a floral skirt or dress etc.etc.Agh whatever you do look delitefully delicious this Spring /Summer fashionistas and smile coz' Mr .Right might just be out on  the ya never know!!!!!!!!!cheerio ,coolhunter G

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I adore cupcakes!!!!!Love devouring e'm more.......