Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Do winter as only a Westwood do!

If you are feeling just a little too overwhelmed by thoughts of what to wear  and how to quite wear it(trust me it happens ..)this winter fret no more.The coolhunter in me is quite convinced that we should be looking to someone  like Madame Vivienne for inspiration to spark our fashionable imaginations.Her latest fall collection is rich with ingenious creative seperates to flip the fashion script away from it's repetitve plot for  good.
Fabulously mad and quirky ,be a scientist of style about to take over the mad world of fashion.Invest in a long white coat or save your cool girl butts blue for V.Westwood original  darls'!
A man with imagination is oh so close to my heart's desire ...I  dare you  to never match your  socks with your blazer  and meet me on our first date 'handsome.(wink wink..)
Brown ,grey,patchwork pants, layer and rustic but in the chicest way  pulled  together for a sense of style that doesn't have to say weathered by storm.You know how these above mentioned detail and colour can make a man look dull but Madame V. just knew how to dream it all up in a 'sexy man ' new kind of way.

Grey doesn't need to ever mean ghastly again with a little re-invention:Leather cuffs,white knee-highs and super high  
Gaga style platforms and you are an instant urban warrior Godess.
Sexy vampire show me your fangs!

love you loads freaky fashion people till my next post.........cheerio  the only coolhunter G