Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweetly Summer:trends for summer

Hi there ladies here are a few styles that really stand out for me as far as ladies trends for summer are concerned.Although these trends look like they might only be for the younger babes its not so.Look carefully and you will see it really is your basics reinvented like for eg.your classic denims with an on trend floral or stripy top.Funk up your jeans by rolling up the bottoms to create an edgy yet relaxed grungy look like in the picture.I especially love the nautical inspired shorts something very old Hollywood about it, circa Audrey Hepburn.In my opinion florals can make one look overly feminine much like a walking flower bush ,so edge up your look a bit.For eg.add a military inspired shirt to a floral skirt or dress etc.etc.Agh whatever you do look delitefully delicious this Spring /Summer fashionistas and smile coz' Mr .Right might just be out on  the ya never know!!!!!!!!!cheerio ,coolhunter G

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