Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What's cooking this winter ?

Winter appears to be here in the chilling flesh.A sweet hot butternut soup is always on my agenda amongst fashion,fashion and more fashion ofcourse.

Shapes seem larger than life this season.Styles are roomier and with a prominent masculine edge.White does another round.

Bold shoulders takes over the space along with the drama fashion cannot do easily without.Make a statement always  !

As I said before mad shapes are dominating...........personally I do have an affection for loose wide cuts and styles myself so I am going to give this trend a try.

And because ladies are not the the only ones with style and fashion take a long and lingering look at this male fashionista.I like how his look is a  relaxed and  spontaneous combination of what works for men this winter i.e the cardigan and the trench.Yes men do drape their scarves too.

I would love to see woman of style try and experiment with the bee-hive hairstyle a bit.It adds a kooky edge,top it off with shades and make a bizarre but cool entrance at the office.

The bottom back braid softens our serious rainy weather get ups and can be used to disguise bad hair day frizzies as well. 

This is the ultimate boot shape and style this season.Get a pair in an unusual hue and ensure that it is genuine leather.

A biker boot take on the gum -boot is the less than average choice and therefore another favourite of mine.Punk it up !

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