Friday, March 11, 2011

'I like it Freshly Ground.....thankyou!'

Last night I thoroughly enjoyed watching a doccie. of my favourite South African bands,Freshly Ground. They are by far one of this country 's best offerings as far as the music industry is concerned.The beats are a very original mix of afro-fusion pop.So many of their songs have had us all here in the sunny South merrily sing along and some have moved us to tears.Their jolly song Doobie Doobie Doo really lifted our spirits ,had us jiving opened us up to thoughts of togetherness .Nomvula ,a song sung so beautifully by front singer Zolani , gentle sounds of the violin carressing it so subtly makes it a mesmerising tune. I guess I can carry on like a die hard fan about every one of their tunes but really I just love them for their authentic South Africaness.No imitation just talent,good tunes and great vibe sums up this unique band for me.For those of you who like their music Freshly Ground ,get yourself a copy of one their albums  right here on this site via the Amazon product links.cheerio,coolhunter G

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