Friday, August 27, 2010

St.George's revisited.

Hello all !Now you I know you were just about to all but give up on me and my posts.Please don't I am here alive and well and coolhunting still.My feet found itself strolling along the St,George's mall walk just the other day.As I made my way up there I could not help but get distracted by the array of colourful craft stalls and crafters alike. I then ended up digging through the bohemian treasure trove for tourists as well as curious locals,Green market square ,(just before one gets to Long street.)The varience of craft products is enough to keep any beauty roving eye stimulated and even the odd and the unusual makes an appearance here and there.Really any boho's little mecca.Thirsty from my roundabout on the market, a cup of coffee certainly had my name on it.First I thought well perhaps the cozy Cafe' Mozart but then my then I had an aha moment!(got this from Oprah,every other day this woman has an aha moment.)Why not try a new spot !I did and found one a little further down from there.A semi-new concept store, coffee shop meets art gallery.Greeted with a very blank hello you can just imagine how disappointed I was.The last thing one expects is unpleasant service since the place has the potential to be so much more.Decorated in all it's glory with afro-chic but dull in atmostphere.Although it's not in my make-up to be insulting, this place need to get struck by bolt of life.No wonder the name never stuck.Moving along, the rest of the walk certainly made up for the bitter taste left in my mouth as I drifted into a favorite art gallery of mine along the way.Superb.A new exhibition of photographs of artists with their work, captured in a magical moment.Looking closely one sees how the artist's style comes through or rather shows up in his/her work.Here I deliberately forgot the artist name because I want you to go and experience the exhibition for yourselves. Then I also thoroughly enjoyed rummaging through the gems at the Antique stalls as my little journey drew itself to a close.Mighty Long street towered over me with an invitation to explore some more but I retired humbly as to avoid the torture that is window shopping alone.Next time I might write about how I shopped till I dropped down the temptuous Long Street .Grand and grandiose with a sure promise to entertain .It reaches it's climax with you when you happen to have buckets full of 'moola' with which to spoil yourself rotten and into an oblivian of bankruptcy.(only bound to happen to fashionistas with obsessive compulsive shopping disorders)All the dramatics aside, it really is home to some funky street gear outlets , chilled out hang-out spots and freaky fly night clubs.Oh I how I wanna be billionaire some day.Anyways I can carry on like this the whole time but ofcourse there's always something new to discover and explore.Sooooh until my next blogpost hope you all are looking and feeling fabulous.Please feel free to comment or enquire.Would love to hear from you all soon.Cheerio........coolhunter G.

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