Friday, June 4, 2010

Coolhunter G's new shades.

Hello all!
So I am really happy to announce that at the moment life is gone from quiet to hectic.All the fashion madness and just the way I prefer it.From shoots to window styling,this coolhuner is busy,busy.Today I am checking in just to let you all know that I have not abandoned my blog.On an early morning out and about with a friend I make some fun discoveries.We chat about Sex and the City the sequal as we squizz about.Into a new line of high end fashion boutiques she latches her eyes onto a flashy red pair of trendy now stillettos.It makes me think of little Dorothy of the wizard of Oz but also Betty Boop.Her reaction to the shoes is what travels through my mind.I conclude that fashion sense of woman has gone a little nutty after there was Carrie Bradshaw.This new wave is all the rage in the south.So while all the ladies are getting on that very deliteful Sex and the city band wagon I am already a little bored. I casually decide to purchase a pair of round shape shades.I feel ultra cool as I make smooth strides in my new shape shades.Followed by mixed stares ...........I realise that I am the ultimate coolhunter leader not follower.The round shape shades is the ultimate accessory for me right now.It makes me look hippyish cool which is exactly how I want it to make me look as I scurry through the masses at the world cup soccer celebratory day event.Good good vibrations mon'.Soccer lovin' events are popping up all over the show..............its exiting and it is most definately here!So I am putting up that "gone soccer supporting sign' and attending the all the festivities I can.Till our next chit chat I am out for now.......................Oh and whatever you get up to , look Fabadacious!

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