Friday, July 9, 2010

New cats on da block!

Ok so where exactly have you been coolhunterg ?(you all might be wondering.)I have been flexing my eye muscles ofcourse!How else would I be able to report back on my super cool life as coolhunterg?One sweet Saturday morning my antennas were buzzing in the direction of a certain Old Biscuit Mill.Now ,now I know you all have heard of the mill and going ........."sooooooooh old news coolhunterg!' Right?Truth is it is the surrounding district that has become a point of interest for me.The fact that every other month one strolls about there a new shop has just flung its doors wide open.All things sweet and tasteful I must add given the area's not so sunny reputation.I was pleasantly suprised by my most recent discovery ,The Cat's Meaow.A lovely little vintage attire outlet.A spot for those vintage loving fashionistas who are especially into quirky granny style pieces.I chatted to its equally nice owner who flung about helpfully when I asked if I could take some pictures. A few pictures later I leave quite mesmerised overwhelmed with a bit of familiarity.Those retro bags ,accesories shoes and all the rest, all so much of what I have already worn at another point in time. Do not stroll pass this shop on your way,pop in why don't you!I eventually ended up floating about the market had a beer and a high- fashion magazine look intake overload.Fashion groupies in their gatherings really pumps up the volume for me when there.Interesting to watch!The Biscuit Mill defnately therefore stays on my cool list at least for now that is.Dig you all very much keep it real and look fabadacious!(a combo of fabulous and delicious).Do check out one or two pictures if you like.The I Luv SA is my work and the polka dot dress mannequin is a glimpse into The Cat's Meaouw's window.Also would love to hear your comments ,questions and requests so drop off some words ok.

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