Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello world everybody,anybody?Today I am just out and about around a busy little suburb in Cape Town called Wynberg.Over the weekend I met two lovely young Zambian kids in fact they are staying with me.Ok so what does that have to do with coolhunting?Ofcourse today I am showing them around a bit and somehow this is pretty much the process I will be chatting to you all about.Basically I am naturally on a mission to unearth this town's best features.I am a coolhunter after all!It has officially become part of my lifes work to spot what is cool and share it with you.So from fashion,art to food,markets,decor and life .................let this journey begin.Ps.Should you find yourself around Wynberg Blueberry Fashions,A fun little decor store houses just a tad bit more than the average decor item!Great for gifts and other novelties too.A delite for any magpie fashionistas'eyes and flavour.Do go see for yourself....

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