Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Accessories:Coolhunter G'S range Part one

Lilac rose neclaces 1 and 2.-Here is a very obscure look at some of my jewellery all green living inspired i.e made from recycled materials.Re- create dearies!Be  seen in these green beauties as your contribution to saving the planet ......Ok maybe I am being just a tad or two dramatic here but the truth is I do make most of my jewels and accessories from recycled materials.I am an avid reclycler call me an activist of recycling if you will.Get in touch with me e-mail me your comments and queries regarding the range or the pieces you fancy.Or if you just wanna say hi ................cheerio coolhunter G Ps:LOOK out for loads more styles coming up in future posts.(Coz really you know you wanna rock that statement piece with your summer frock..............come on dont wait lemme know today .Drop me a mail at ..........

Black godess necklace.

African bead bobble necklace.

Chunky chain chic necklace.

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