Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vamped up vintage!

Elements of the color blue softens the space gorgeous is that wallpaper?
 I think the cute little cups and saucers are really amazing and quite unique and the throw pillows are stylish wants too.The fabric design is beautiful textile design personified.
I pippity popped into the Vamp decor store the other day on my walk along Salt River.Vamp has been around for a bit but has  recently moved to Salt River right next to Re-create.I met with the the very friendly owner who told me that the store really is an extension of her passion for collecting awesome retro decor items.For someone who has worked in event planning before she certainly has a knack for interior decorating as well given the store's awesome look.

The clever displays tell a new story bringing together old an new in a  fresh way.In other words witty combining of rare retro items with modern pieces .Kitchy cool dolls ,ceramics and teapots adorn the display cabinets making for very fascinating browsing.

This caught my eye ,I love the blue and white and how is that blue it.The shop is quite cosy however would have loved if there  was more light in the back room where there are retro furnishings like stunning wood furniture and these giant navy crocheted circular rugs really pulled at my heart strings......cheerio ,coolhunter G

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