Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Le Bohem'

I am inlove with this top mostly dig the tribal print and style............sooooooooh coolhunter G baby!

 The Bohemian trend is still alive and kicking us back into eras bygone ........when some of our mummies and daddies were young.My mom rocked a really cool stylish flowerchild look as did my dad.The bell bottoms and clogs ,draped luxe fabric dresses for those free living gatherings and festivals.Their pictures tells us all.I thinks its about time I go raid that cupboard of mum's and see if there is anything I can bring into the now a fresh new way ofcourse.
 This dress is just great as it is not your typical the style,pure romance.
 This looks a bit frumpy to me to 'mummish'........sorry this does not get my cool vote.I can't decide whether or not it is her pose.........mmmh.
 Cool blue personified..long live the blue jeans.
Fring is all the mad tip:for casual summer snip an old tee's bottom half into fringy strips.cheerio for now and do look out for some more cool trend updates.

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