Thursday, July 28, 2011

The flava that is the Modcloth brand

If you are gonna go out and have some flirty fun with your mates at the Mill on Saturday afternoon you might as will look as though your feet means business.No serious go out..........and have some flirty fun.Top tip:Dig out your old tommy tackies or buy a new pair{they are beyond cheap}get some stay in cokie pens or spray paint , make like a graffiti artist and tag /paint em'..........
This leather leather sling is the ultimate accessory when you are out and about and a big bag is just in the way.I want something like this yes I am out on the prowl beautiful leather sling you will be mine..............
This navy dress is a have -to have as it won't disappoint you for a good few seasons to come.Trust me!
All the styles are from the amazing Modcloth brand.These are vintage inspired lovelies that I could not keep from sharing with you all.It really is meant to serve as inspiration for you r must-have list Dear fashion friends the cardi like this beauty in the pic is just sweet....I mean how this detail.
This boot shouts and screams vintage lover girl!
Navy is thee staple and this is quite sexy for navy if ye' know what I mean.Navy need not be boring after there was this is the new black darlings!!!!!!!
What can I say about this shoe other than the perfect fusion of practicality of comfort and sexy style.HOT!!!!!!!!Smile (Explicit Version)Do get some Lily banging in your ear and swing into true vintage lovin' vixen mode.Take a page from the lovely miss Lily Allen........sassy style icon of note..............a coolhunter G favourite,cheerio!

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