Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy cool style icon:Eryka Badu

Mama's GunI grew into my late teens listening to soul sistas like miss Lauren Hill.,Jill Scott and the amazon of woman ,Eryka Badu.I sometimes wish that I had carried my camera along to the Hip- Hop jams I went to.Damnit I gotta say the girls were always rocking mad off the wall original looks.Then we referred to a really off the cuff rad look as 'fly'.It is still very much a part of my fashion vocab.Look my point is just as style doesn't date nor does originality.The girls I hung out with then were aleady into funking up their vintage or thrift store finds swinging it into a diffferent fashion zone with ethnic jewellery and hairstyles etc.The outcome was usually freshly  unique ,arsty and original styles above all else.And at the time we drew inspiration from Eryka Badu she was to us rad,bold,fierce,creative and exitngly stylish and as you can see she still is ............very original!cheerio............coolhunter GThe Miseducation Of Lauryn HillThe Light Of The Sun

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