Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Kalkbay ........

On the recent public holiday I decide to hop a train to one of my favourite places in Cape Town,Kalkbay.I journeyed up to Muizenberg and took a brisk yet relaxing walk all along the beachfront walk path leading up to as far as Simonstown.I  however detoured  into the street of the bay and once I got to the main road it was buzzing manically with people and cars.I grabbed a late' and a freshly baked almond and apricot croissant from one of the quaint little cafe' bistros and trotted along.First London road a vintage clothing store hooked my in I popped to check it out.My squiggles squint with amazement at their awesome variety of retro tweed coats ,1970's jersey dresses,fur trimmed gloves, shades,purses to name but a few..An early Macy Gray could right have called this her closet as it so true to really hip retro items.

Art galleries,artsy style boutiques,antiquities shops are of no short supply and make up the most of the street.I love that the boutiques offer a personalised individualistic look.Boho  fashionistas would be pleased at the offerings. Kalkbay also happens to be  home to the hippie alternative clothing brand Ska , for all you ragga muffin sistas out there!They are known for stocking some really cool off the cuff hippy deluxe pieces.Also the Aardvark art gallery which it neighbours could very well be listed as one Cape Town's finer art galleries and is always a treat for me..........
Collectors of antiquities I would imagine can and will lose track of time as they rummage through the rare artefacts of bygone times at the antique shops....For those of  you into distressed furniture there are a few great second hand furniture shops where you just might stumble upon that unique decor piece you been in search for all along.

For the rest of the morning I revelled in the sweet offerings of Kalkbays craft artisan's work displayed at random spots about the street.One can easily get hazily dazed  in the bay's bohemian style vibe or splendour if you will. Ofcourse a mouthwatering piece of fresh hake at the well loved local Kalkies fish and chips sealed the deal for me.Sooooh  fashionistas do make a point of it to take the bay's street walk should you find yourself wanting for a sweetly different and visually stimulating shopping experience will not be dissappointed but rather breezily delighted..............cheerio,coolhunter G

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