Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A butcher ,a baker...the

 Saturday morning I discovered the coolest new bakery about my way to my old favourito' The Old Biscuit Mill.I had woken up quite grumpily to the reality of working the weekend.I however embraced the time before work and would soon find myself intently lingering over a frothy cappucino at The Artisan's Baker....
I was welcomed ever so heartily by the cafe's owner ,a tall framed fella who wasted no time introducing to me his doughy works of art.From freshlly herb infused  patato breads to the traditional rye variety.This artisan baker is set to feed bellies .No sooner ofcourse had my eyes zoomed 360 degrees around the place  taking in my immediately colourful surroundings.Alot like a little Charlie in Wonka's factory had I already dreamt up a few hundred ways of which to devour the dangerously delicious array of chocolate' treats and sticky sweet eats unforgivingly displayed before me.The Artisan appears to also be  a collector of all sorts of wonderful deco,kitchy and  retro decor items which cleverly adorns bakery  adding to it  a uniquely cozy character.My blues drifts away in a huffy cloud of smoke as I chill with my cuppa at an outside table.Another crafty custodian has found home in lower main and and I am super thrilled by his addition.cheerio ,Coolhunter G

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