Saturday, May 14, 2011

To dream of Paris:A fashion story

                                                         La main one
The eve of Saturday the May 7nth brought together many a beautiful mademoiselle.It was the Demure fashion show , showcasing the likes of  fashion labels Sense,Lazuli and Human Image.I had been cordially invited to attend this grand affair held at Cape Town's prestigious Taj Hotel.Feeling rather smitten I set out to spy with my astute fashion eyes.Upon my arrival the main hallway room was  tastefully decked out to meet the proposed guests with an air of glamour.(Hey even Beck's Posh would have liked a VIP pass.)Adding to the evening's intensity was that the attendess stood a once in lifetime oppurtunity to win a rare and exuisite diamond.As I needed details darlings' I somehow had to cement myself  behind the scenes somewhere so that I could get scooping.I scuffled to the backstage changing room which was when I got there , bubbling energetically.The dynamic mix that is make-up artists,models,hairstylists and fashion designers filled the room.Here manes were meticulously manoevered,garments tweaked and tucked with tailors' tenacity and faces curiously painted to poised perfection.Fashionistas tackled their nerves with an unending fiery flexibilty shooting full speed ahead.Would they deliver sucessfully,begged the question.

                                                          La main two
Early evening round six sharp the showing of the first collection set in motion.The emcee introduced the Demure duo Yasmin and Aysha/Human Image.To a backdrop of playful Parisian tunes their first scene's models took the floor.The line-up of models displayed the likes of luxurious angora wool knits and plush cardigans with flirty feminine details.Knits can be gregariously bulky but Yasmin's collection showcased styles that actually flatter the female form.An individualistic approach to fashion true to the boutique owner came through in her collection.Next up was Aysha/Human Image who charmed with whimsy and wit.Her scenes showcased the likes of pure wool cardigans subtly styled reflecting light and ease.Aysha fused quirkiness with sensibility in her trenchcoats that popped with colour and detail.Her dressier styles included cute pure silk dresses reminiscent of  the jazzy 1920's (emerging trend).The designer is known for using silk imported from India giving her garments an overall quality appeal.A foxy fur collared shawl worn together with a silk cocktail dress made for quite an eye -catching ensemble adding just the right dose of bougaisie bizarre.Sassy up-tempo Ibiza beats elevated the space as powerhouse in the making Sense' s line -up of models made their entrance.The brand's fashion designer Aaliah  focused strongly on four key must- have items she likes to refer to as the fantastic four. Four items which judging by the audience's dropped jaws .......wowed!We saw a dramatically imacculate tweed high-waisted wide leg pants style icon Marlien Dietrich could've dazzled Hollywood in.The classic parka re-invented, equally dramatic in shape and style with a sharp fashion forward edge.Thirdly a melton biker jacket in an unexpected grey colour and cut.The fourth a pure silk black one off -shoulder dress in a sensuous floor sweeping length (a la' grecian.......).The rest of her collection was really just an extention of the her label's signature style values which could be described as effortlessly chic.

The evening concluded with new brand Lazuli showcasing their winter collection.After their showcase, the guests purchased and placed orders at the events's on- hand  boutique queing in the their quest to own their style item of choice.The event paved a new way in the area of exclusive shopping thus making Yasmin of Demure,Aysha of Human Image and Aaliah of Sense pioneers in their own right.Three real women who understands what today's stylish woman wants to wear and delivers!I for one cannot wait to see what they come up with next.So in the words of the fabulous French re voir ,coolhunter G.PS:Contact details of organisers,fashion designers and participants as well as photos will follow shortly.                                    

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