Thursday, October 11, 2012

Made to Clean

A few weeks ago I decided what with my very busy lifestyle that I needed some housecleaning help.Luckily I spotted this little flyer at my favorite coffee shop in a close by suburb,Observatory. Curious and in urgently in need of a solution to my little domestic problem, I called them up. Within no time the following week I had a sweet little helper at my front door.On Monday morning I left the young lady in the midst of messiness, there with dust cloth in one hand and vacuum cleaner in the other.No sooner that afternoon  upon my return I find my little flat's interior had undergone a facelift of sorts.I was thoroughly impressed to find my space so perfectly cleaned and left in such a well groomed state.It was as though someone sprinkled gold dust over everything.All in all Made to Clean is the best cleaning service around to date and I have since decided to make use of their services going forward.This little make -over set me back a reasonable R175 only considering the fact that the tasks completed well exceeded my to get done list.The assistants  are friendly ,quick paced and efficient.What's more is that they offer an amazing organising and sorting service as well as some errand running  which will certainly come in handy around season time.So busy career ladies give them a call today for a free quote and prepare to be pleasantly delighted!Their contact details are as follows 073 01601886and not the numbers on the flyer above .

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