Wednesday, October 10, 2012

B's big day....

 A big and very special day and event  awaits my  family this coming season.A certain somebody is tying the knot at last ,creating an extraneous amount of exitement in the air and in my heart.So as I am counting down the heartbeats to her arrival and that of her dream day I thought I'd busy myself flicking through some ideas and inspirations.So without further a due and no sooner than to tug at a little tear in your sentimental(or ....actually my heart will I share with you my findings.
The ultimate lovelies to grace the feet of  the bride on  a day when all that is expected of  her is look nothing short of gorgeous while she has the best day of her life.
You are the epitomy of glamorous that day whether you are prancing about in your knickers and curlers in your hair....have a cuppa and exhale darl!
What with the dresses on the rail you expect your closest girlfriends to harmonise while you mesmerise.Detail is key the perfect piece of jewellery and flowers create  eye catching moments.

You know your guests are intrigued with your quirky and original idea of a guest book.A calendar ?
Makes for an awfully stylish and  clever affair this champers and name tag for each of your guests.
The fellas gather in cool and relaxed attire long forgotten are those stiffly stuffy suits that only chokes the air channels.Roll up the sleeves guys and breathe easy.

Your beau the groom ,the man of the moment need make the fairest impression of all the lads in a spiffy layer, waistcoat perhaps 'and bloom on his blazer to dust the look off to perfection.
Ribbon in color of your choice bunches together a brilliant buqouet .

Quirky and large cocktail jar bar fancies your guests a playfully fun entertaining time. 
A his and hers it's cool to customise......for an individualistic fresh approach to serving drinks yet still looking tasteful.

Candle light magic..........

When you go sneak a peak at the tables and you find that lace adds that romantic feel creating the perfect atmostphere on your dream day.Intimate table settings in crystal clear glass and rose petals strewn is new, fresh and airily invitingThe beauty about weddings set to play out into early evenings at venues with a garden is that you can dream up more spontaneous things to do with flowers.Draped bougain villa immersed among light........dreamlike!

Now lastly thank you for reserving a seat for me alas'  you had found someone who makes you happy and that brings me great comfort and joy.
oh perhaps your wedding favors should you have any....could be miniature suitcase tins filled with a sweet treat or two since you and S' are avid travellers ,this could subtly hint that fact.

Sis' love you loads and wish you and your partner all the happiness two people who love one another can share ...............can't hardly wait.(Can't help myself .........a few black and white photos captures those classic moments so beautifully.Till ' very soon the only coolhunter G

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