Monday, September 26, 2011

The sun,the sea and the...........

 Summer is basically here and I have enough exuse to find myself close to the sea most of the time.(Chilling in da sun in my bikini sporting my million dollar hot babe look!)Anyhoo on Sunday I went for a walk along beach rd. promenade in Sea Point and the view of the ocean had me realise once again why every shade of blue are no doubt my favourite colors.
Out a little later on the same day me my sister and her two  little tods found ourselves squizzing about at the Millnerton Sunday Craft Market.And then because my eyes are always keen to spot even trinklet size treasures I snapped a pic just for my obsession's sake.The market runs every Sunday and it mostly stocks bric and brac garage sale style goodies if you will.IT still makes for fascinating market browsing and finding some really amazing decor item is not that far fetched an idea.So go have look next time you in the area ,yeah!Cheerio coolhunter G

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