Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Long island style.

First find a reason to celebrate and throw a party.Invite all your bffs over and chill your sensuous selves into spring with sexy cocktails and fab' fashion chatter.As fashion are all about that boho vibe with the likes of free flowy maxi dresses this season ,chilled gettogethers with your favourite people should take a special place on your must -do list this spring/summer 2011. Cocktails whether alchoholic or not are a great way to keep cool beside the pool ...and at the braai a icy cool shift away from the usual lager.Xperiment and make your own it's easy and fun .The Long island ice tea in the pic above is simply gin,tequila,light rum,vodka and sours in tots shaken together...........and voila you are sippin away island style.Enjoy all you fashionable people and till nex time chill.....cheerio coolhunter G
The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Classic Cocktails

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