Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Confessions of the mad collector

Vintage Filigree Crystal Brooch (Antique Gold&Amber)
The knit is a my much loved thrifty treasure which I picked upfor a dilly dime and a half  a while ago while out and about coolhunting.I wear it with a skinny dark blue denim jeans and my Doc Martens to sex it up a bit.The brooch in the next picture  is from Amazon so just click on the pic. to see how you can get your granny brooch lovin' hands on one of it.
This is a jacket which I vintagified it to pretty pop perfection.....coz hello how else' am I to forge forth in the cool cool world if I don't represent and then amplify supa cool?I wear this with a good denim and  an equestrian style brown or tan boot plus a classic white vest to avoid an old- fashioned look.
This is Joy's collectable's display window of a week or two ago.This collector's hut forms part of the Antiquity market in lower Long.When you are in the mood to go thrift thrawlling you will be pleased to find the quaint retro hatbox of a shop on the inside called Glitterati.Yes fashionistas it is official ,I am obsessed with all things with an indelible rustic vintage charm.cheerio...coolhunter G

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