Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A real chocolate factory....

Making Artisan ChocolatesIt was a delectable walk about at the Mill this past Saturday morning.The market seemed busier than usual fusing together all types of market lovin' peeps.Look I know ya'll think I like the Mill way too much but hey truth is ,if I am gonna breakfast on a Saturday morning it might as well be at the Mill.So out I was with an enthusiastic younger brother,fellow fashionista sister and her kids.We browsed as strategically as we could given the fact that the place was packed.My nose however remained sternly perched in the air sniffing ,sniffing,sniffing  out what's new ofcourse( I am not called coolhunter G for no reason ye know.....).Imagine the scent of brewing hot chocolate syrup then stumbling upon a people hard at work creating the coco magic many melting moments ought to be made of. The Coco fair on at the Mill had me walk into it like a complete zombie.Interesting that it too seems to be in a dungeon like space creating the intrigue which inevitably sparked my curiousity.(And deep down in the dungeon of delight the dark chocolate chocolatiers were sweetening the plot or rather coco pot......)Yeah  so I acted like a complete and utter adolescent drooling over bags and slabs of organic chocolate all of time standing still..... digging into tester bowls entranced.Yummy yummy I kept pleasing my tummy with not one  care for an added calorie.This place should too  make your priority list if you are a chocoholic like me(getting out might be problem though ...just as a word of warning ok..)Later back in the land of the living and outside my dreamy bubble of bliss  a concerned sister wondered where I have disappeared too.Despite my better judgement I told her I was right in the loo doing a number two which ofcourse she did not buy because the brown configuration around my mouth gave my whole chocolate slurping secret away........cheerio coolhunter G ( Ps: Find the Coco Fair next to the ATM machines at the Mill)Kalorik CHM-16314 Stainless-Steel 2-Tier 2-1/2-Quart Chocolate FountainChocolat

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