Saturday, December 8, 2012

The G's festive favorites

 On a super heated Saturday morning I was out and about running some errands.Luckily it had been in the vicinity of Albert rd.Salt River.The road is becoming as I have already predicted, an artful walk way.What with many a creative space rearing it's head from week to week it surely is budding.Take the Salt Circle Arcade for instance, boasting an array of amazing creative people running their outlets braving their ideas in an area that is still in it's developing stages . I know I had been promising you lot a my season's favorite list but had since decided it best just to share with you what caught my eye as I slide into season time.
This is just the most adorable reindeer  I had ever laid eyes on.One to exite the kiddies and cheerfully light up the house.A decor shop in Salt Circle Arcade has it displayed however I am almost certain that it is not for sale.The good humoured owner told me the tale of there having been two but that the one was stolen in a break-in .Any way just the having one is oh so  special........don't you think ?
Christmas bobbles plonked into a glass jar.
Hey do not poke fun at the fact that I too collect branches.Apparently it can be transformed into 'make-due' Christmas trees with a little imagination ofcourse.Pop it into a beautiful vase and voila.Who has time to dust off last year's Christmas tree  and choke half to death because now the dust had settled in your throat for crying out loud!

Oh my hat is the expression you will exclaim when see this milner's variety of hats.Look I snapped it up because almost no 'to die for' festive outfit is complete without it's hat mis jour' le fashion' !Also  located in the arcade right opposite Love Valerie,a ladies boutique with a difference.

This dress had me standing still because I have a very simliar looking one and  also I just thought it a lovely and unexpected idea of a summer frock in comparison to the instant fashion statements out there.This dress can be found in a selection of color and print within the arcade at a boutique called Love Valerie.I had the pleasure of meeting the designer herself,Valerie.A sweet young woman with an undying love for her brand it appeared as she scooted about her shop ever enthusiastically.She boasts some really fabulously unique pieces ideal for when you want to stand out at an occasion  and stylishly so.For good cut and fit I think she nails please go on and contact her for more info.I will list her contact details at the end of the post.
Love Valerie is as I have to emphasize a local brand which I thoroughly appreciate as you well know.What is more is that she also stocks an exquisite selection of jewellery compliments of  Fennis Jewellery,another local brand.Can you say with me  'go local brands go!'

Miyu for quirkily original decor items brought a smile to my face.From finger puppets to more serious gift sets it is one of the go to places this season when you are doing your gift shopping.All I am saying is get there.
Mum has green fingers so I am warning all my siblings to not take her to this place, a mini nursery come decor shop called Wallflower and appropiately so.Be aware and warned, she will clean you out as she would want everything in this shop.You have been warned!Makes me wanna adopt a plant or two or three too!

Common thread is another ladies boutique which sells trendy key pieces.This for me is well put together and I also like the color combination.
These are people to watch as their idea of a pop up shop takes it that much further.They had handbags suspended from the ceiling with neon belts.Bravely fierce and we get to hang out with them at next week's beer fest happening there at the arcade so they can tell us all about their super cool brand.

Beer Fest flyer people up a thirst it is hot out there!

Some street style fashionistas ! I do admire the ones who wear their clothes in a fashion forward way.She is wearing if you look closely.....a flower printed retro style midrift underneath a shear top,love the red shoes and lipstick for that 50's glamor a la Miss Monroe.

The Cat's Meow's display window .A vintage clothes shop opposite the arcade is an old favorite of mine.Cheerio fashion people much love this season ....coolhunter G The aforementioned shop's details are as follows.

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