Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Cape Town carnival is here

It is that time of the year,Easter is dawning upon us( I can taste an chocolate egg melting away in my mouth....agh the lingering sensation chocolate gratifies one with!).Ok but before I go off on my my chocolate day dream and rush to the store to satisfy my obsession I bring you news.Thus without further a due ,the Cape Town carnival is happening within the central business district i.e the buzzing heart of the mother city this very weekend.What grand spectacle of sorts does it hold in store for us this year we anticipate , cruising through the streets of town hoping to be present at yet another amazingly fun filled event.Casual wear is on and we are setting out in troops to meet and mingle and to be part of the mad magic of the age old tradition that is carnival................all that is needed is to be festive and enjoy.Can someone say livebands and dancing,precocious performances and more!So out and about I will be fashion people till my next post,cheerio Coolhunter G

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