Friday, August 16, 2013

Street Art:Blue masked

The aspect I particularly enjoy about art on the streets' walls is that you can always expect the unexpected and often alluringly unusual.Think pieces.The piece above was spotted quite out of place on the wall of a house in Goodwood in Cape Town's northern suburbs.I think the act of  doing this sort of piece in the graffiti  art world is referred to as 'bombing 'a wall.It certainly grabbed my attention and I have to add that it seems incomplete or perhaps that was the artist's intention.    cheerio,coolhunter G

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gheisha girl

If you love the oriental you may want to give the kimono trend  a go this coming spring.Swing into spring with a few of these lust-haves.A richly printed kimono is a good place to start however given it's statement making value you may want to pair it down with sober coloured jeans.
Or be daring and wear it your own way you might then add opulent jewellery pieces on an evening out.
I am not insanely gaga over Alexa Chung's interpretation as perhaps it is way too safe but she still nails the trend.I would say the way Jessa wears it in Girls is quite cool as her character really embodies that bohemian spirit.
Find inspiration through watching Memoirs of a Gheisha on dvd or indulge in reading the book by Arthur Golden of the same name and journey with him to .the secret worlds of Gheisha.