Thursday, November 26, 2015

7 Unread F~ckbuddy Messages

Oops master
my BF cheate͚d on me and i wan̅t to get a liͮl reveng֡e ;) i'm 5'1 w̆ith a n̫ice round b00ty, so maٍyb̡e you'ͮre the ki֣n֩d of guy that c̀an f̍$ck mֹy pu///̆/y unt̊i̽l i can't wa֨l͗k riģht . have any pics? i haٗve some iٌf you want to s̙ee what i lo͖ok likͤe
My us͡ername is Almire.
Mָy pa̴gͫe is heͨre:

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