Monday, October 28, 2013

You can leave your hat on !

I hope you all have your party hats tucked away for the festive season which  is well on it's way.The hat has made a jazzy comeback and it seems not out of place or over the top to don one to your best bestie's cocktail do this holiday season.I do recommend however a sense of humour in place when wearing one .Hats are all about adding a fun element to an outfit or a bit of personalty .Though noone in my opinion had the bravery of stylist , the late Isabella Blow whom I starkly admired for wearing the most outrageous,bizarre creations in fashion history.That said I think why not  make it a  theme to your New Year's Eve party if this end of  year you are going all posh on us darling !Cheerio.........chit and chatter real soon,coolhunter G.

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