Monday, October 28, 2013

You can leave your hat on !

I hope you all have your party hats tucked away for the festive season which  is well on it's way.The hat has made a jazzy comeback and it seems not out of place or over the top to don one to your best bestie's cocktail do this holiday season.I do recommend however a sense of humour in place when wearing one .Hats are all about adding a fun element to an outfit or a bit of personalty .Though noone in my opinion had the bravery of stylist , the late Isabella Blow whom I starkly admired for wearing the most outrageous,bizarre creations in fashion history.That said I think why not  make it a  theme to your New Year's Eve party if this end of  year you are going all posh on us darling !Cheerio.........chit and chatter real soon,coolhunter G.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Now where are all my casettes...and that beat-box of mine?

Hi all you fashionable and also stylish people I always hope since the there seems to be an urge to revive the trends of the 1980's and 1990's.(Yes somewhere in the midst of all the fabulous trends out there.....someone had this idea)Back in the day yeah' when the beats were banging' (and I was practising and polishing my spin on Mc. Hammer's the running man' dance)yes then it was fashionably alright to wear multiple multiple coloured scrunchies stacked!Huh... no you have to be seriously delirious to do that while chewing gum as if gum has endless flavour in it.Decide for yourself  hip people but the coolhunter G says carry out with caution.....or abandon caution but don't call me when you look like you are off to a theme party where it is the norm to look like you have made the greatest effort.Like I always mean to say , do not wear the trends all at once!
Have to admit though, some people were kicking fashion's butt back then  with all that 'fly ' style.Makes me think  Exitements,Jelly babies and Kylie Minogue .

Drew in the 90's had that rock and roll edge combined with a bit of punk.I like this image of her particularly as we all also know that the biker just don't date.
This band led the fashion pack disco of girls in the nineties with their creative expression especially musically.In the end have fun incorporating some of the 80's and 90's  trends but wear it with modernity,tact and wit.Have fun though ,till next time .....cheerio,coolhunter G.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

You can't copy individuality

 Right hello all you grand fashionable folk!I thought it fitting to share with you some of my favourite street style images and share my thoughts and views .Genuine admiration for this woman's style because of her relaxed natural smile and laugh.Her hair is just untamed and free........which are key words here dames!Let those tresses loose because even if  life is no joke at times it doesn't hurt throwing on a quirky quaint dress and indulging in the giggles as if you have just experienced the strangest thing.Chill....... 
This frame is reading scholars of fashion their fashion rights this season....and perhaps  right into next year.Let's see.......

There is a strong wave blowing in the direction of woman sporting hairstyles true to their individuality.Be brave ladies and step out being true to noone else but you.

Life seems a polka dot of a breeze at the festivals yet as this woman points out in this sheer printed frock.Keep those eyes peeled for similar styles for this summer and take a breather oh and your shades darling.
Yes as a coolhunter I am always pleased to share my views around fashion .art and lifestyle season to season not dictate it to you.Whatever you wear this season  fashionable people please stay true to yourself,be inspired by old and new fuse together different styles if you like.Be the best you are unique and that is ok.Cheerio till my next post and remember express yourself !Coolhunter G