Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I woke up a bit late to the HBO series but can now say I am ever so glad I started watching it. Ridiculously entertaining it beats quite a few other offerings out there hands down. It is quite candit meaning it has an in your face appeal that is real and so many girls of the same age can relate in some way to the characters' experiences. It is explicit but in my opinion without being offensive because of the added humour. Creator Lena Dunham sure is a talented writer as the series already also boasts a cult following of gigantic numerals and has won several awards within a very short space of time after its debut first season. I for one cannot wait for the other seasons of the show to see what kind of dilemnas the New York fashion savvy foursome get themselves into next.The stylist in me naturally just had to have pick at the wardrobe stylist's ensembles for a bit. Humour me if you will .Here GOES.............
This pic is from one of the second season's episodes.Jessa's character has  has that  eccentric bohemian flair.There is  just once or twice where the stylist saddens me by having her parade around in  a kimono style garment  coupled with a blue vest underneath which for me bordered on trashy as it looked as though she was wearing pajamas.I get that her character is carefree and so on and so forth but attention to detail never did any harm from a stylist's eye view of ofcourse.As for Hannah's character I totally adore her whole daft punk artsy look she portrays style wise however in some instances it just looks like she is wearing ill- fitting underwear under clothes which look wrong in the end. I am not all about critiquing as I consider the show to be a hit and the wardrobe stylist  to be really good as she brings the personalities of the characters to the fore in a freshly unique way.Cheerio.....grand glamour girls.Coolhunter G

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