Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bicycling by Obz.

 .So I decided to brave the city's chilly weather and also show off my superb bicycle -riding skills simultaneously this past Friday morning.Along my way I would pop in at a friend's and collect for myself the grandest bunch of roses I had ever laid my eyes on.Feeling gloriously blessed as I roamed my carefree self about Cape Town's Observatory I caught wind of some pretty eye-catching shop window diplays.
Obz. as I have mentioned in previous posts boasts an exellent dig-about,bargain- finding vintage clothing shop or two.
The picture is taken of a shop selling select antique and retro decor pieces and other tid-bits.I love the blazer on the mannequin here not because of it's trendy appeal but because it makes a bold statement,is in good condition and has a good fit.
For hungry lionesses and bear cubs using cold winter weather as an exuse to tuck in ,Kwik-Spar,lower main,Obz. is a great stop- over for feasts of tasty take-away treats for the discerned budget beater..Be it that their offerings were all freshly baked transporting the aromas to the outside curb,impressed me!
Further on up lower -main I made a date with myself and the newly opened Lingko,an Asian restaurant of notable sushi combo sensations.Coffee shop come bakery ,Mimi's also swung their doors open not too long ago and was bustling under coffee-drinking cake - eating couplets.
Where better to end off my bicycle-riding roundabout on a Friday early  than the Obz.Cafe' for a lager to dunk down all of  the week's sighs and cries in good company ofcourse.I can fairly recommend that you  and a pal start off your weekend in the city in lower main road  Obz. as it firmly remains the hub of choice for me..........the one and only coolhunter G.Cheerio  tiil ' next time.

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